Formative Fabrication

Forming processes make use of stresses like compression, tension, shear, or some combination to cause the plastic deformation of a material into a desired shape. This manufacturing process is typically for plastics and metals. No material is added or subtracted in this process. The workpiece is only deformed or displaced. Linear materials such as steel […]


Injection molding is a process in which molten material is injected into an interior mold. When the material cools and hardens it takes the formal configuration of the cavity. Rotomolds can make hollow objects. Injection molds make solid objects.


Rotomolding, or rotational molding, is a process where raw material (usually in powder form) is injected into a heated, hollow mold. The mold slowly rotates on one or more axes to allow the softened material to disperse and adhere to the interior walls of the mold. The constant rotation helps to maintain an even material […]


S.P.F. (single point forming) is a process where sheet material is incrementally dented into a desired three dimensional shape, usually by a round-tipped tool. This is the CNC equivalent to hammer formed metal.


Vacuum forming is a method of thermoforming. Sheet material (typically plastic) is placed in frame within the vacuum former and heated until malleable. Once the plastic has a desirable amount of pliability, it is pulled over the mold. Once in position, a vacuum is applied, removing air from between the material and form. This draws […]


A CNC Tube Bender is a computer controlled machine that can create a series of complex curved bends in pipe material. This tool is capable of bending pipe in a variety of radii and directions.


A CNC Roller is a computer controlled machine that can create specific curved bends in sheet and stock material. It is comprised of 3-4 rollers. Rollers can be repositions. The diameter and position of the rollers determine the smallest radii possible in the bend.


A CNC Punch Press is a computer controlled machine that uses pre-formed dies to punch specific shapes out of sheet material (usually sheet metal). These machines can generate single cuts or cuts organized in a designer determined pattern.


A CNC Press Brake is a computer controlled machine used to perform bending operations on sheet material (usually sheet metal). It can be configured to do a sequence of bends at a variety of angles.