Dreaming up the plastic monument

I am passionate about the changes that are taking place to our environment, especially with respect to our oceans, and throughout my travels in the past few years I have become very aware of the impact this accumulation of plastic is having on our ecosystem. As the problem becomes more noticeable, there has been increasing […]

The MELT Process

The MELT Process washing Before plastic flakes are melted and reprocessed into new objects, it is important to remove contaminants like paper and food residue as thoroughly as possible. Using a modified top-loading washing machine, plastics will be rinsed and sterilized. This washing step is crucial because plastic flow properties change as the material purity […]


With MugShare, anyone at UBC can easily borrow travel mugs in which to enjoy the beverage of their choice without the hassle of carrying it around and cleaning it.


The transdiciplinary and transnational INDOxMELT collective wants to accelerate solutions to plastic pollution.

Monument to Plastic

Creating a monument that visualizes the buildup of plastic waste over the course of its 111 year existence and provides a glimpse of the future that awaits us if we do not make dramatic changes to our habits.

Are we making a difference?

Unlike climate change, which is a vague vast and apocalyptic, plastic is smaller and more tangible. It’s something in everyone’s daily life. It’s something we interact with. We can touch, we feel, and we throw out. The appeal of the plastic monument is also fueled by a sense people have that they’ve joined an insurgent […]

Java’s waste banks

Waste banks are a novel concept for addressing Indonesian waste problems. Instead of burning their waste or throwing it into rivers, communities establish a place for villagers to deposit their waste. We visit two local waste banks to see the impact they are having on the local community.