Java’s waste banks

Waste banks are a novel concept for addressing Indonesian waste problems. Instead of burning their waste or throwing it into rivers, communities establish a place for villagers to deposit their waste. We visit two local waste banks to see the impact they are having on the local community.

What we can do to slow the growth in single use plastic

We’re all aware of the huge amount of plastic that is being produced on a daily basis, but what can we do to slow the growth? To fully tackle the problem, we need companies and governments to step in, but this will only happen when enough of us start calling for change. Here’s what we can do to jump start this movement.

What needs to change

The world is drowning in single-use plastic, and estimates predict the problem will grow sig- ni´Čücantly by 2050. Several approaches are needed to tackle this problem, including a chance in behaviour through education. The techniques introduced to me over the course of my education in Architecture have given me the tools necessary to help individuals visualize the scope of the problem and understand what must be done to address it.