The laser cutter uses an optically amplified beam of light as a cutting element. That laser can etch, engrave and/or cut non-metallic materials including wood, glass, film, fabric, and plastic. The laser can be focused, and the intensity of light increased or decreased for specific tasks. Cut performance (depth for example) can also be controlled […]


This additive prototyping process uses an ink jet print head that moves across a layer of powder, selectively depositing a binding material. Another thin layer of powder is spread across each completed layer, and the process is repeated until the desired geometry is formed. Excess powder remains in the build bed until the process is […]


A light-emitting device (laser or DLP) selectively illuminates the transparent surface of a tank filled with a liquid photo-polymerizing resin. The solidified resin is progressively dragged up or down by a lifting platform, resulting in a 3D object.


FDM (fused deposition modeling) is an additive build process wherein thermoplastic filament is melted and extruded from a printer head and deposited onto a printing bed. The printer builds three-dimensional objects in layers. Each layer is printed in the X and Y directions (as a horizontal surface). Layers aggregate in the Z direction.