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Are we making a difference?

Unlike climate change, which is a vague vast and apocalyptic, plastic is smaller and more tangible. It’s something in everyone’s daily life. It’s something we interact with. We can touch,…

The future of plastic looks bright

Although we’ve been producing huge amounts of plastic over many decades, it’s only quite recently that people have started to take notice. In the last few years, there’s been a…

What we can do to slow the growth in single use plastic

We’re all aware of the huge amount of plastic that is being produced on a daily basis, but what can we do to slow the growth? To fully tackle the…

What needs to change

The world is drowning in single-use plastic, and estimates predict the problem will grow sig- ni´Čücantly by 2050. Several approaches are needed to tackle this problem, including a chance in…

Building a Plastic Monument

Most of us are aware that the world is drowning in plastic, but it can be hard to make sense of just how much is on the planet. We were…

Workshop: Silkscreening shirts

We silkscreened some shirts


Building an interactive light exhibit out of discarded packaging.