Valerine Chandrakesuma

Valerine Chandrakesuma started INDOxMelt in 2018, after witnessing first hand the ever-increasing plastic waste problem in Indonesia.  Her Education in Environmental Biology and Architecture equipped her with the tool to fulfill her promise to design for not only human, but also other members of nature as an equal client. This promise shaped her all her works  which includes designing a living Breakwater for coastal rehabilitation funded by the Federal Government of Canada, and MYCOmmunity Toilet, a low-cost, off grid human waste processing system grown from natural materials and mycelium that won the BioDesign Challenge at the MoMa in 2018.  Her Master of Architecture thesis project “Plastic Monument”, were exhibited in Museum of Vancouver this year. She hope to establish INDOxMELT in 2020, at home, in Indonesia


10,000 Deck Skate Park

Reusing 10,000 used skateboard decks to make a timber canopy structure for the UBC Skate Park


The transdiciplinary and transnational INDOxMELT collective wants to accelerate solutions to plastic pollution.

Tool Library

Bridging the gap between students and tools through an interactive, digital portal. You want to build, we help you get access to the tools you need.

MYCOmmunity Toilet

we grow toilets. use them. compost them. solve a world problem.

Monument to Plastic

Creating a monument that visualizes the buildup of plastic waste over the course of its 111 year existence and provides a glimpse of the future that awaits us if we…

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