Music is here, music is there, music is everywere. Music is for everyone and for no one at all, music has boundaries yet exists within no limits. Music is only feeling. music is good, music is bad, music is yours, music is mine, music is all and music is

As technology develops producing and mixing music becomes easier and more accesible. With this home studios are becoming the producers go to choice. The technology might exist making it simple to have a home studio but the rules of physics cant be

Often acoustics are taken for granted and then sudenly the mixes do not have a good sound outside the studio or it simply sounds different from the time it was mixed. This is the lack of acoustic treatment and it is essential for any type of studio. For this, Myco-ustics.

The Home Studio

When recording and mixing, no matter the quality of the equipment used, the shape, walls and material of the room will produce sound refletions that will be directed back to the producer altering the real sound coming drecly from the monitors. By this, affecting the final sound of the mix. these reflections generate comb filtering and flutter echo, through the specific placement of acoustic panels and diffusers, these unwanted frequency reflections get eliminated allowing the best possible acoustics traveling through the air towards the producer making the mix very accurate.


Its main function is to interact with the sound waves to make them reflect on a specific manner breaking sound reflections inside the diffuser into a serios of frequency based reflections that are not reduced time or amplitude. this would direct sound reflections away from the producer by interrupting the sound wave’s trajectory.


It refers to the process by which a material, surface or object reacts when exposed to sound energy. When sound waves are encountered, absorption cancel out undesired frequencies absorbing them, dampening the reflections of sound.


Re-With 3D printing technologies developing very fast, it is becoming very common and accesible to develop projects very fast and precise through 3D printing. PLA is the most used plastic when 3d printing meaning that there is also a lot of waste being generated. BY re-spooling used PLA a circular system is implemented which aids to sustainability. Generating no waste and allowing to have prototypes and molds made very precisely to have shape the mycelium.

Mother Mycelium

Working similar to neural synapsis in the brain, mycelium is a grouping of millions of small strand like organisms called hyphae that communicate with each other through electrical synapsis. This makes mycelium very versatile because it is able to adapt to any environment or threat. Through research for production, mycelium can acquire almost any desired material properties. From this, a material with the properties necessary to provide very precise acoustic treatment is synthesized through research and experimentation with mycelium. Looking specifically at how many different strain colonies react to different substrates to achieve the best material qualities possible.


Acoustic panels are made mainly with polyurethane foam or extruded melamine foam and, although these materials provide the necessary qualities. It is amongst the worst types of plastics in terms of sustainability at every stage of its life. Acoustic treatment has been made with these materials always meaning that all studios with profesional acoustic treatment have a significant amount of carbon footprint added unnecessarily.

Mycelium is a material that can be grown and adapted to have almost any desired quality and shape. when considering line of production, Myco- ustics have been designed to grow directly from waste and turn into a new material and product. Mycelium does its magic by breaking down the waste using it as a substrate creating a completely new material with very effective acoustic properties.

Sustainability has been taken into account in all parts of the life of Myco-ustics. From production to product life to disposal Myco-ustics has been carefully designed to have little to no negative impact in the environment.

Myco-ustics has been created to open up opportunities for anyone who requires acoustic treatment. By focusing on sustainability, Myco-ustics not only replaces foam but it also makes the final product very affordable granting upcoming producers easy access to acoustic treatment that can be implemented in absolutely every space big or small, be completely sustainable through the entire life of the product, be very cost efficient and provide the accurate material properties required for acoustic treatment.

Special Thanks

– Farhad Zahir
– Patrick Wilkie
– Live Spore
– The Melt Collective
– Recycling Alternatives