we grow toilets.

use them.

compost them.

solve a world problem.


Each MYCOmmunity Toilet is grown from a heat-trapping mycelium biocomposite. This natural material rapidly decomposes human feces to eliminate pathogens. The fully-compostable tank is easily handled and serves as a planter for trees, grasses and crops that stabilize soils and enrich the local environment. By integrating communities across scales from microbes to people, the MYCOmmunity Toilet converts human waste into a valuable resource, empowering its users and improving regional ecosystems.


Patrick Wilkie

Patrick Wilkie is a Zero Waste researcher and systems designer in Vancouver. He has improved waste data systems for UBC, through techniques such as waste auditing, system mapping, and stakeholder…

Valerine Chandrakesuma

Valerine Chandrakesuma started INDOxMelt in 2018, after witnessing first hand the ever-increasing plastic waste problem in Indonesia.  Her Education in Environmental Biology and Architecture equipped her with the tool to…