“Number One”

Aka liquid gold, urine is inert and full of urea, which once converted into struvite using our enzymatic process, is a phenomenal fertilizer for crops.

“Number Two”

Aka black gold, humanure is vital for crop growth. Using hyper-thermophilic composting to rapidly turn human “waste” into valuable healthy fertilizers, MYCOmmunity Toilet fosters a community of healthy bacteria which digest our fecal matter in 1-3 months, turning it into fertilizers for agriculture. If its good enough for NASA, its good enough for us.

The best offensive is a good defensive.

While other companies kill 99.99% of bacteria, we recognize that bacteria are vital to our survival, and that working with our microbial allies, we can eliminate 99% of problematic pathogens, including E. Coli, salmonella enterica, serratia marcescens, shigella dysenteriae, vibrio, mycobacterium leprae and other dangerous bacterial species in feces which are the root cause of most illness in the LDCs (Least Developed Countries).

Our biodesigned microbial mix uses bacterial adapted for rapidly processing human waste safely into valuable fertilizer for crops.