UBC WasteNauts believe that waste plastic is more valuable as useful products than harmful ocean waste. We design, build and improve open-source recycling machines like shredders, extruders and compression moulders to turn campus waste into new things. The team aims to simplify and improve the efficiency in 3 core areas: pre-processing (sorting and cleaning waste), recycling (extrusion, compression, injection moulding) and end-product development. Through continuous refinement we will bring modular, off-grid recycling machines to low-income areas around the globe.

Technically speaking, WasteNauts is separate from Melt Collective. UBC WasteNauts is a new Engineering Design Team, with the mandate of constructing and maintaining machines that recycle plastic, and the technical-minded branch of Melt Collective. We are interested in sustainable engineering and love to automate tedious tasks. We are always looking for excited engineers to help us build and design products, machines and automation systems. 


Patrick Wilkie

Patrick Wilkie is a Zero Waste researcher and systems designer in Vancouver. He has improved waste data systems for UBC, through techniques such as waste auditing, system mapping, and stakeholder…