FDM (fused deposition modeling) is an additive build process wherein thermoplastic filament is melted and extruded from a printer head and deposited onto a printing bed. The printer builds three-dimensional objects in layers. Each layer is printed in the X and Y directions (as a horizontal surface). Layers aggregate in the Z direction.


Workshops Containing Tool

MELT | Melt Collective

2259 Lower Mall, Vancouver, BC, Canada
RM 156

MCML | MacMillan Building

MacMillan Building, Main Mall, Vancouver, BC, Canada

MCLD | Macleod Building

Macleod Building, Main Mall, Vancouver, BC, Canada
RM 148A, RM 155, RM 257, RM 315

LASR | Frederic Lasserre Building

Frederic Lasserre Building, Memorial Road, Vancouver, BC, Canada

CEME | Civil + Mechanical Eng. Building

6250 Applied Science Lane, Vancouver, BC, Canada

CAWP | Center for Advanced Wood Processing

UBC Centre for Advanced Wood Processing, Main Mall, Vancouver, BC, Canada

ANNX | Landscape Architecture Annex Building

Landscape Architecture Annex, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Mezzanine Level