The laser cutter uses an optically amplified beam of light as a cutting element. That laser can etch, engrave and/or cut non-metallic materials including wood, glass, film, fabric, and plastic. The laser can be focused, and the intensity of light increased or decreased for specific tasks. Cut performance (depth for example) can also be controlled by varying the speed of the cutting head.

Workshops Containing Tool

MELT | Melt Collective

2259 Lower Mall, Vancouver, BC, Canada
RM 156

MCML | MacMillan Building

MacMillan Building, Main Mall, Vancouver, BC, Canada

LASR | Frederic Lasserre Building

Frederic Lasserre Building, Memorial Road, Vancouver, BC, Canada

FRWO | Frederic Wood Building

Frederic Wood Theatre, Crescent Road, Vancouver, BC, Canada
RM 106

CAWP | Center for Advanced Wood Processing

UBC Centre for Advanced Wood Processing, Main Mall, Vancouver, BC, Canada